me after you.

its not that first night any more…

we arent cool like that any more…

now things are very different

Photo by Daisy Anderson from Pexels

now you find my face in the middle of a busy room

i feel you searching…. i am sometimes brave enough to peep

and i see your eyes brighten up when they meet mine..

that slight smile on that forever beautiful mouth

my mouth…. as i always say

now i know what it means when people say ‘mine’

did we forget how to bloom?

what took you so long….lately there is a shift between us.

In my dream you keep walking away….

in real life too and i am constantly pulling you and exhausted from it.

i know you should have accepted the over…… you want it…

there is a part of me that knows i would be better off too

where have you been this whole time…..

i have needed you for so long and God knows i can finally breath.

its how we make out anytime and anywhere…..

i have missed you for so long….. so very long…

that very first day i saw you…

that very first second, my heart beat… my breath…

life stopping for just a second that lasts forever…

i am forever standing at arrivals…agog..

looking out for your face and you there… standing, smiling…..

we are finally alive in our forever happy after

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